Welding rod drying box, welding rod insulation box, normal temperature ~ 300 ℃, power supply 220V.

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Welding rod drying box, welding rod insulation box, normal temperature ~ 300 ℃, power supply 220V.

Why are electrodes baked? Because the electrode will often deteriorate the process performance due to moisture absorption, resulting in unstable arc, increased spatter, and prone to porosity, cracks and other defects. Therefore, the electrode must be dried strictly before use. Generally, the drying temperature of acid electrode is 150-200 ℃, and the time is 1 hour; the drying temperature of alkaline electrode is 300-350 ℃, and the time is 1-2 hours. After drying, it is put in the heat preservation box of 100-150 ℃, and it is ready for use.

Electrode drying box - precautions

1. The welding rod drying box must be reliably grounded to ensure safety. When it is powered on, it is forbidden to find the side door of the open box type. There is an electrical circuit inside to prevent electric shock. Do not wipe it with a wet cloth, let alone wash it with water.

2. During operation, water shall not be splashed on the glass of the observation window of the box door to prevent the glass from bursting due to sudden cooling.

3. It is strictly prohibited to put inflammables into the box for high temperature baking test to avoid explosion.

4. This drying box is a non explosion proof product. It belongs to class I type B common equipment, and shall be on duty when working.

5. When the electrode drying box is in the moving position, the power supply shall be cut off and the articles in the box shall be taken out to prevent electric shock and damage.

6. Always keep the box and power line clean. In case of failure, stop using and send to the professional maintenance unit for repair.

Electrode drying box - Troubleshooting

1. If the motor is noisy and the bearing is damaged, replace the bearing or motor;

2. If the temperature controller displays abnormally and the temperature rises continuously, the temperature measuring head will be aged / necrotic and replaced in case of emergency;

3. If the temperature error is large and inaccurate, and the temperature measurement is aging, replace the temperature measuring head (Note: the graduation number of the temperature measuring head is K-type, S-type, J-type, etc.)

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