All stainless steel oven, 380V + n power supply, internal layering

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All stainless steel oven: stainless steel thermostat, corrosion-resistant stainless steel oven, corrosion-resistant oven, 380V + n power supply, internal stratification.

Dongguan Tengjie Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-quality all stainless steel oven with clean exterior and interior, oxidation and corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. It is suitable for baking and aging test of electroplating industry and high cleanliness products!

All stainless steel oven control system adopts imported contactor or solid-state relay or SCR, temperature controller and time controller, air transportation system adopts Taiwan Henghe / Asiba oven special fan; heating system adopts unique "U" type radiator stainless steel nichrome wire heating pipe.

All stainless steel oven - main specifications

1. Intelligent value display instrument or dial code value display instrument:

2. Temperature range, room temperature - 300 ℃;

3. The control accuracy is high, the detection is ± 3 ℃ for 50mm away from the wall, and the temperature measuring point is ± 1 ℃;

4. Time control 1 second - 99 hours or 24 hours;

5. Internal dimension width: mm height: mm thickness: mm

6. Overall dimension width: mm height: mm thickness: mm

7. Heating configuration power

8. Power supply 380V + n (three-phase four wire)

Dongguan Tengjie Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
Dongguan Tengjie Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
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Dongguan Tengjie Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
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