IR tunnel furnace, power 380V + n

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Professional production, IR tunnel furnace, infrared tunnel furnace, power 380V + n.

Design features of the product:

1. Sectional design: 1. The heating tunnel is divided into several sections, with separate temperature control system and over temperature controller;

2. Each section of furnace cover is connected with the line body by 4 pullers and chains, and the north part is equipped with strong hinges;

Advantages: 1. The temperature of each section can be adjusted arbitrarily;

2. In case of fault in a certain section, the power supply can be turned off automatically for maintenance;

3. When the temperature in a certain section is insufficient, the setting temperature can be adjusted at will;

4. Each section has chain connection, which can easily open the furnace cover and facilitate maintenance;

2. Fan installation design: each section is equipped with a special motor for the long shaft of the oven and a shutter wind wheel;

Advantages: 1. It can conduct heat rapidly;

2. Make the temperature in the tunnel more uniform and heat energy circulation;

3. Less temperature difference, saving electric energy;

3. Over temperature controller: each section is equipped with over high temperature protection device;

Advantages: when the temperature controller is out of control (necrosis), the heating system does not stop. At this time, the overtemperature controller is forced to cut off the development of heat body to avoid damaging the product;

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