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【Industrial oven - drying oven - high temperature oven - different sizes, different needs in Dongguan Tengjie】

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  • Date:2019-11-27
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The industrial oven has a hot air circulation system and a temperature measurement system, which can directly obtain the temperature change and the fluctuation of the operating temperature. The hot air circulation system is composed of a motor, a wind wheel and an electric heater. The air supply motor drives the wind wheel to send out cold air. When the cold air enters the work from the air duct after heating, the products are heated. Compared with the common heating method, the hot air circulation heating method has better gas fluidity and can quickly speed up the drying speed.

Industrial oven can improve the uniformity of air temperature. Once the temperature value will be affected and changed, the hot air circulation system can automatically adjust the temperature value change. The inner and outer double-layer structure, the shell is sheet steel, and the inner and outer double-layer shells are filled with common aluminum silicate, which can effectively heat preservation.

The electric thermostatic oven uses a variety of temperature control instruments in technology, so the accuracy of the temperature is relatively perfect, so it is very easy to grasp the temperature of the product in drying. In the design of the appearance, the spraying material to prevent static electricity is used, on the one hand, to prevent the aging and corrosiveness of the drying equipment appearance, on the other hand, to increase the aesthetic feeling of the appearance. The internal design is also customized according to the customer's setting requirements.

Let's analyze whether Tengjie industrial oven can save energy and energy

1. Use the most appropriate heating power to achieve the heating effect, calculate the best heating power according to the customer's use requirements, make rational use of electric energy to achieve the maximum heat output.

2. The industrial oven shall be able to automatically change the baking temperature, intelligent, energy-saving and energy-saving.

3. The industrial oven is designed with high-efficiency thermal insulation materials to reduce energy loss.

4. Different heating methods are used to improve the heating efficiency under different conditions;

5. The lower the total heating power of industrial oven is, the less power is saved.

6. Design different types of heating control system according to the production process conditions of customers to ensure the maximum efficiency of electric energy.

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Dongguan Tengjie Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
Sales address:122 guansui Avenue, wanjiang, Dongguan, Guangdong
Factory address:57 Shimei Xinzhou Industrial Zone, wanjiang, Dongguan, Guangdong
Dongguan Tengjie Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
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