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Focus on the production and development of industrial oven equipment for many years, good after-sales service
Years of experience in the industry, focusing on equipment.
After 20 years of hard work and development, Tengjie company, with the continuous development and expansion of its business, has covered the national market, exported to foreign countries and ranked in the forefront of the industry. We have professional technical personnel to create high-quality products for each customer and provide perfect after-sales service!
Strength manufacturers, product quality is more secure.
Each machine of Tengjie machinery is up to standard, with long service life, less maintenance frequency and easy operation. Tengjie machinery in terms of price can really achieve good quality and low price, while ensuring quality, our price is also preferential.
Provide personalized industrial equipment scheme
Tengjie machinery supplies six series of dozens of models, which are widely used in military industry, high-speed rail, ship, aviation, automobile, composite material, lithium battery, led, electronics, hardware, mold, plastic, electromechanical, printing, spraying, new materials and other industrial manufacturing industries.
High quality service and perfect after-sale system
Free consultation before sales, professional and technical personnel to help understand the product needs; in the whole process of sales tracking sales; after sales professional logistics team, fast delivery, installation and debugging, stable operation. Tengjie welcomes new customers from all walks of life to visit the company, discuss business and create brilliant business together!
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Thanks to the support of customers from all walks of life over the years, we win with you
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We can rest assured that the industry is well-known and well-known, win the market with high quality and win the future with sincere service

Dongguan Tengjie Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, is a professional manufacturer of planning, design, manufacturing and installation of various baking equipment and automatic production lines, coating equipment and storage, oven. We mainly produce and sell ovens, precision ovens, tunnel ovens, UV machines, incubators, vacuum ovens and other equipment. We adhere to the principle of customer-centered, all-round service, adhere to the quality of survival, reputation and development goals. The company has always been in accordance with the five elements of reasonable logistics, namely automation, safety, high efficiency, pollution-free, carefully designed the most suitable products for users To satisfy customers is our consistent policy. To cooperate with you is our greatest wish and your best choice...

Pay attention to the dynamics of Tengjie machinery, understand the latest information of the development of drying equipment and manufacturers
Dongguan Tengjie Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
Dongguan Tengjie Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
Sales address:122 guansui Avenue, wanjiang, Dongguan, Guangdong
Factory address:57 Shimei Xinzhou Industrial Zone, wanjiang, Dongguan, Guangdong
Dongguan Tengjie Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
Tengjie machinery is an industrial oven, vacuum oven, small experimental oven, industrial oven manufacturer. The price of industrial oven is fair, the equipment is energy-saving and power-saving, durable, 17 years of brand accumulation, welcome famous customers to visit the factory, we will serve you wholeheartedly
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